Rural Crime Townhall in Virden

All are welcome to attend meeting to share ideas & concerns

Larry Maguire, Member of Parliament for Brandon-Souris, is hosting a rural crime townhall in Virden on Tuesday, Nov.13 to discuss the latest statistics and to gather ideas from local residents to present to Parliament. He is encouraging everyone to attend and to get involved in the Parliamentary study on rural crime.

“I encourage everyone to come to the rural crime townhall to share their ideas and concerns,” said Maguire. “It is imperative that your voice is heard loud and clear in Parliament.”

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The Conservative caucus in Parliament initiated a study at the Public Safety Committee, which is currently in the process of doing a deep dive into rural policing and crime prevention. Motion 167, which instructed the Committee to launch the study, was spearheaded from rural Conservative MPs from across the country who are concerned about the recent increase in crime statistics.


The study includes but not limited to:

(i) Current rural crime rates and trends;

(ii) Existing RCMP and other policing resources and policies in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, particularly in relation to population density, policing geographic area, and staff shortages;

(iii) Current partnerships with provincial, municipal, and Indigenous police forces, and; 

(iv) Possible recommendations to improve rural crime prevention and to curb emerging crime rates, and that the Committee report its findings to the House within six months of the adoption of this motion.


Maguire is hosting a series of rural crime townhalls across Westman and will be travelling across the region to hear from victims, community leaders, and residents. He wants to hear the experiences that people have had and is looking for solutions to present to the Public Safety Committee.

“I invite you to come share your personal story on how rural crime has impacted you, as well as your ideas on this study,” concluded Maguire.

This latest series of townhalls builds on Maguire’s previous events to reach out to Westman residents on pertinent issues in front of Parliament. Earlier in the year he hosted townhalls on immigration, justice issues, and the Liberal firearms legislation C-71. 

The meeting is being held in the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, 471 Queen St West in Virden.

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