Sambrook named Rookie of the Year

The Winkler Flyers named Trent Sambrook “Rookie of the Year” for the 2019-2020 season. I had the opportunity to speak with Flyers’ GM Kelvin Cech about Trent.

What does Trent bring to the Flyers?

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Most importantly Trent really adds to the culture of our group. He’s hilarious, he fits in with guys his own age and guys four years older than him. On the ice he brings a calm and composure to each shift. He has excellent vision. He can see over everybody and he uses his hockey IQ to make quick passes and quick plays.

What do you expect from him for next season, the future?

I expect him to keep developing on his upward trajectory. He brought quality minutes in games this year, and both he and I want that quality to keep going up. In practice he developed his leadership so much over the course of the year. Coming into the next season, he’ll have a veteran presence.

I have watched Trent play various sports through the years. He gives it 200% all the time and is so dialed-in. I imagine that those attributes were key to your scouts.

They were, but for me, I had never seen him before our training camp in September. What impressed me the most was his vision on the ice and his ability to contain and play physical when he didn’t have the puck. He’s always dialed in, that’s for sure. Always thinking. Trent is very deserving of the Rookie of the Year award, and we’re proud to call him a Flyer and excited to watch him continue to make an impact in our league,” concluded Cech.  

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