Sanitation station planned for Virden cemetery

Virden Cemetery will have the convenience of a flush toilet and a sink by this summer, if construction goes ahead as planned this spring.

The comfort station will be available to the public who use this beautiful cemetery and for maintenance workers as well.

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The Town of Virden manages the cemetery with donations coming in from the Christmas season Memory Tree light-up, from bequeathments, as well as other donations.

Richard Reiner, a member of the Memory Tree Association said it was in 2018 that the Association approached the Town of Virden with a plan for the construction of an 8 x 10 bathroom facility at the cemetery.

It will be fully wheelchair accessible. Although there will be no electrical installation, a skylight panel in the roof will provide natural light for the three-season bathroom.

Freezing temperatures will dictate the dates the bathroom will be open.

With a town water line already available, it is a matter of plumbing into it. The waste will go to a holding tank that is pumped out.

Original tenders for the project were budgeted at $16,000, but that figure is expected to rise slightly with finishing board siding rather than just tin covered walls.


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