Santa’s emergency tour, a Christmas Carol of its own

Hamiota was one of Santa’s stops on Saturday. Mrs. Claus did not make an appearance and the reindeer were resting too, apparently.

However, St. Nicholas had a fine view of the town of Hamiota, travelling down almost every street atop a large fire truck. 

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The occasional honk and the squawk of the emergency vehicle alerted residents of his arrival on their street. While Christmas isn’t exactly an emergency this year, it would be a sad state of affairs to have missed Santa’s pass by.

On soft December afternoon, the streets were buzzing with traffic and families were out on their doorsteps. As the parade of several fire trucks, lights flashing, meandered through town, strains of Noel featuring a warm male tenor and full choir were stirring.

Christmas’ meaning, and wonder, almost like a scene from Dickens’ Christmas Carol, dropped straight into the lap of December 2020.

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