Saved by the Goose!

Paul Kimball's Inklings

Last week, I told you about how my plans to go to Melita were ditched…literally! I was on my way to interview Dick and Helen Harmon for the Senior’s Column which you can find in today’s paper – a week late. But I ran into that wicked Manitoba winter storm and instead of hitting Melita, I hit the ditch.

Fortunately, there was a tractor nearby. It had just come out of a field, heading south. I ran back to it. The driver opened his door, patted the extra seat and told me to hop in. “Let’s see if we can’t get you on your way again”, he said.

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We rode to the car but discovered that neither of us had a tow rope. “No problem”, the tractor driver said. “I’ll get one from home.” I got into my car and watched him as he drove his tractor deep into the ditch to turn around, got back up on the road, and headed home. Was he rubbing salt into my wound? “Look what I can do that you can’t do?” I enviously watched how easily he was able to get up out of the depths of the ditch, while I couldn’t move my car an inch!

Before I knew it, he was back. As we were hooking the car up to the tractor, he asked, “Don’t you drive a school bus in Carnduff?” I answered that I did and asked how he knew. He said he recognized me as the one who drove the bus that his grandsons rode. I quickly reassured him that I drove school buses better than I drove cars!

And…it was at that moment I realized I was standing in the presence of the man that they call ‘Goose’!

Well, it didn’t take long to get me out of the ditch. My little car was no challenge for Goose’s tractor! However, I couldn’t steer the car! Fearing I had damaged something during my misadventure, I looked into the wheel wells of the car and saw that they were jam-packed with snow. I dug the snow out and tried turning the wheels again – and everything worked! I turned the car around and headed back to Carnduff.

Melita…and the Harmon’s…would simply have to wait!

I’m thankful to Goose for all his help…and for heading south that day when all the other geese were still preparing for the trip!

That snow has melted now – the evidence of my ditch ordeal has disappeared! I was hoping that my little ‘mishap’ would be a secret just between Goose and me, but my hopes were dashed when his grandson got on the bus the following Tuesday and knew all about it. Oh well – hopefully it won’t go any further than that!

The roads are now clear – why not take a drive to Pierson Bible Chapel this Sunday morning and join us for our Church service at 9:30? 

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