School Board hires new school staff

At the Fort La Bosse School Division Board of Trustees Regular Meeting of March 22 the board voted to accept a principal’s resignation, to hire a music teacher and a school counselor.


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Virden Junior High principal Don Nahachewsky, after 33 years with FLB, tendered his resignation as of June 30, which the school board regretfully accepted.

Superintendent Barry Pitz said of Nahachewsky, “Don has had an outstanding career with FLB. He has worked with many people.” From the resignation letter Pitz said that Nahachewsky “appreciated the support of the school division and the family feel that FLB has afforded him.”

A new hire will fill a term position of 0.9 FTE, as a school counsellor. The board approved Courtney Bertrand to commence her work on April 5, following spring break, and concluding February 25, 2022.

She is replacing one school support counsellor on leave. Bertrand has a psychology degree, experience with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. Pitz said she “interviewed very well and I think she will be an excellent addition to FLB in supporting kids needs….”

Earlier this year the school board accepted the resignation of Virden Collegiate and Junior High band teacher Janet Yochim, who taught for Fort La Bosse School Division since 1988, bringing accolades to school and regional youth bands. 

In anticipation of the 2021-22 school year, the board has hired Tyra Zander as music teacher to instruct band within VJH and the Collegiate, beginning in the fall, on Sept. 7. Superintendent Pitz said the young teacher from Swan River was new to the profession, has lots of energy, a “strong background and outstanding references.” He said she expressed excited to join FLB and work with the kids of VJH and the Collegiate.

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