School division honours retiring staff, recognizes service

At the end of the school year Fort La Bosse School Division traditionally honours staff in every capacity during a social evening. Again, this year, due to public health regulations, the accolades are not a public event. However, the Division is recognizing the years of service and those retiring, turning their hand to other endeavors.

Staff leaving FLB

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Dwight Thoms-3 years

Lee Jackson-4 years

Esther Finlay-7 years

Lea McPherson Ross-10 years

Airdrie Poole-10 years

Neil Murray-14.5 years

Cathy Hey-15 years

Rose Marie Thoms-25 years

Janet Yochim–32 years

Don Nahachewsky-33 years


The division recognizes significant employment milestones with a certificate for 10 years, an engraved pen/pencil set for 20 years, an engraved bell for 30 years and for 40 years, a watch is presented. In five-year increments, here’s a list acknowledging staff with many years of service..


Airdrie Poole

Mike Thiessen

Leanne Rookes

Debra Peters

Kerri Fries

Lea McPherson Ross

Lola Thunderchild

Ceri Johnson



Cathy Hey

Sandra Unger

Gwen Bochuk

Karyn Morrow-Penner

Sherry Enns

Rochelle Stephenson

Kent Schiltroth

Rita Eslinger

Fiona Kliever

Michelle Sawyer

Lisa Cranston

Gary Bowles

Linda Watt



Viola Kroeker

Kimorie Lees

Cindy Mahoney

Donna Cross

Dennis Kliever



Rose Marie Thoms



Dr. Bob Paulet

Tawnis McLeod

Brenda Masson



Donnelda Wheelans


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