School Fun Fair, fun for all

The annual Elkhorn School Fun Fair is an important event for two reasons; the first is for the kids and maybe a few adults to have some fun. The second reason is it allows the school parent committee to work with the school staff to raise some extra revenue for special projects or equipment not covered in the school's regular budget.

In the past this has included performers from the Manitoba "Artists in the School” program and speakers on various topics such as drug awareness that is given to the students in all grades and to school parents and staff members.

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This year’s event started off with a barbecue supper with the doors to the gym opening up at 6:30 p.m. to a crowd of excited children of all ages that included many pre-schoolers. Outside the gym, in various classrooms you could get your nails painted, face painting, the fish tank and for the adults, local reps of home based skincare and nutrition businesses featured a display of their products.

However, back in the gym it was a room full of happy children having a great time; and after they had tried the different games of skill, put bids in the silent auction and of course tried their luck at the cake walk, with its wonderful selection of colorful cakes and treats, it was off to the popular prize room.   Here the children   could turn in the winning coupons for a wide variety of prizes that had something for all ages and ability levels. 

The prize room also gave some of the young players their first lesson in economics when they discovered they did not have enough coupons for that prize they really wanted. 

The event organizers were pleased with the community support for the evening and to all the businesses and individuals who donated to the cause. One of the leaders of the parent committee said that there were no specific projects for the revenue raised this evening, but at the end of the school year, the school staff often put a wish list together of items that will improve and promote quality education in the community school.

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