Scout-Guide week

Scout-Guide week was introduced more than 40 years ago to celebrate the birthdays of Lord Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941), the founder of the Scouting Movement and his wife, Lady Olave Baden-Powell (1889-1977), the World Chief Guide. Coincidentally they shared the same birth date, February

22. This year's Scout-Guide Week runs from Feb 19-25.

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Scout-Guide Week is a sort of Scouting Holiday. A week when Scouts and Guides, from Beavers to Rovers and Sparks to Rangers, get together and celebrate our founders, Lord Robert Baden-Powell and his wife, Lady Olave Baden-Powell. It's a week when church services are held, banquets are shared, and the Scouting and Guiding communities come together in the spirit of friendship.

Why is it important that we celebrate Baden-Powell's birthday? It is very important that we remember Lord Baden-Powell because he made this world an infinitely better place and has changed the lives of countless boys and girls. He has brought fun, adventure, and friendship to the lives of those who may not have had that otherwise. Lord Baden-Powell, truly a man to remember.

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