Smith calls for volunteers to tidy shorelines, Eternal Springs, Salt Lake

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up is encouraging people to clean the shorelines in their area. It’s a great way to enjoy fresh air, a hike by the water, and to do our bit to restore natural habitat. And if you are a community minded outdoor lover, this might appeal to you.

Kelvon Smith has decided to respond to The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up himself. He says, “The main concern would be plastic items on the shore whether the seashore, lake shore, pond shore,

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creek bank, or along a river bank. The matter of plastic pollution is a very critical issue facing all Canadian waterways.”

In Manitoba there are 100,000 lakes and numerous rivers and creeks that require attention due to plastic water bottles and other plastic items. Metal cans are also a concern.
Here in Westman, we have few lakes; but dropped and tossed garbage is still a problem.

Smith is inviting the public’s assistance in a clean-up.

He says, “The effort would be minor and just concerns the Upper and Lower Ponds at Eternal Springs and Salt Lake. Although just a minor clean-up, it’s a way to do our part in getting rid of unwanted plastic containers and pop cans in three of our favourite spots here in the Virden area.”

Smith feels that the planet needs care and encourages people to be part of the caregiving team when at local beaches, while kayaking or canoeing the rivers and creeks, or at your favourite fishing spots.

“There are inconsiderate people who just toss and care little about pollution and its effects on nature and other people,” he says.

Smith hopes that, armed with a garbage bag, that trend can be reversed as it is so disappointing to encounter garbage - plastic containers, pop cans, spent fishing line, tossed rope, forgotten beach toys, that deface nature’s beauty.

Time and location details can be found in the advertisement on Pg. 11 this issue.

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