So dry, buring ban in effect for Wallace-Woodworth

Woodworth Fire Department quenched May 6 grass fire

The RM of Wallace-Woodworth declared a complete fire ban Friday morning, May 7 and it’s effective immediately. No wonder with tinder dry conditions throughout southwest Manitoba.

On Thursday afternoon Woodworth Fire Department fought a grass fire in a yard two miles north of Kenton. Fire Chief Chris Routledge said the fire began when wind whipped up days old ashes from a fireplace. He said, “Ashes need to be buried.”

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It was a four-hour operation for the fire department to extinguish the flames that got into a bush surrounding the home. And that’s where they stopped the fire. It did not reach the dwelling or do any other damage.

“This is the second grass fire we’ve fought this spring,” said Routledge. The other fire was about 10 days prior and a little further north within the municipality.

The Level 1 burning ban as of May 7 prohibits all open burning: bonfires, yard waste; burning and restricted yard waste burning. Even bonfires within an approved receptacle are not permitted. Barbecues are permitted.

Individuals who contravene this burning ban are subject to a penalty of $1,000 and are also responsible for all cost incurred by the Municipality in fire protection and suppression operations should the Fire department be called to extinguish a fire (see by-law #4-2019).

The RM of Wallace-Woodworth surrounds Virden and stretches over 75 kms from the Saskatchewan border to east of Kenton. Woodworth Fire Department services the Kenton area of the RM.

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