Speech arts entertained full house

Three Speech Arts sessions of Birdtail River Fine Arts Festival filled the modest-sized venue in Hamiota, and provided an entertaining day for the audience of parents, grandparents and friends. It was a successful day for teachers and student-participants mainly from the communities of Miniota, Isabella, Beulah, Kenton, and of course, Hamiota.

Two well prepared school choirs came from Miniota bringing two selections each.

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Kari Rutherford from Brandon provided instructive adjudications for the day of poetry, prose, readings and speaches.

Duet, trio and even quartet work dominated the performances of both first-time speech performers and seasoned competitors.

Public speaking finished up the evening session with impressive prepared, and impromptu, speeches from students as young as Grade 4, and up to Grade 12.

The final concert, to be held Friday evening, Nov. 8 at Cornerstone Family Worship Centre in Hamiota will showcase the talent as trophy winners, and those recommended to Provincials as well as runners-up and honourable mentions will fill an hour-long program.

Winners will be listed in a future issue.

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