Sports Talk: Goodwill created with NHL staff

With the shutdown of practically all sporting events, both pro and amateur around the globe, a resulting side story has emerged on how organizations, especially professional clubs, are treating the people who make it all happen.

Let’s take the NHL as an example. The best hockey league in the world has come out and said that the players will continue to receive full paycheques at their regular pay periods to the end of the regular season.

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That’s nice to hear. I really wasn’t too concerned about them missing any meals, but still, good for them.

If you look beyond the players to all the people who work to bring you the “show” such as the support staff, concession workers, building maintenance employees, parking attendants, ushers - you know, the people who might just miss that meal if a few paycheques go missing - what’s going to happen to them?

Well, it was encouraging to hear that the teams really do have a heart, that making money wasn’t the only measure of a team’s success. One after another, NHL organizations began announcing that they would continue paying all their support staff as if the games were being played.

Great call.

Heartwarming news in the midst of border closures, social distancing and constant Coronavirus testing updates and death tolls.

The best part of each teams announcement was that the hockey clubs did not make that decision after the issue had been brought to their attention through the media. Nope. They did it before it became a story; so quickly in fact that the goodwill it has created with their staff should resonate for some time.

Let’s face it, the last thing most people want is to fight with their boss for what is correct and decent. Sometimes, you just want leaders to do what is right all on their own. 

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