Staff is at work at Virden Pioneer Home

The Virden Pioneer Home Museum is pleased to announce that we have began planning for another wonderful summer season. Due to COVID-19 the museum is not open to the public yet. With no tours being conducted yet, the museum is still working hard behind closed doors to prepare for the upcoming summer. Visitors can phone or check the Virden Pioneer Home Museum’s social media pages and website for information about when tours will be open to the public.

The Museum is also still accepting donations towards our endowment fund despite the museums delayed opening.

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There are some things to look forward to this summer. The museum will be doing more tiny tours, weekly articles in the Virden Empire-Advance, and we will also have a table set up at the Farmers Market every Friday from 10 a.m.  – 12:30 p.m. Our Find the Joker that we have at the Farmers Market is also available on our website for those who think they know where the joker may be.

Keep an eye out for our plans and much more from the museum this summer. The Virden Pioneer Home Museum looks forward to seeing the many faces of Virden citizens and tourists, soon!

Madisen Naughton:

This is Madisen Naughton’s third year at the museum filling the position of Curator and Tour Guide. Madisen lives a few minutes outside of Lenore, Manitoba and in the fall, she is returning for a third year of studies at the University of Regina, majoring in Psychology. Madisen is excited to come back this year because she is able to work and have fun while at work because she doesn’t get to indulge her interest of history often, because of school. Madisen is excited for another fun summer and is looking forward to seeing you there, ready to learn about the interesting history within the museum.

Sarah Plaisier:

My name is Sarah Plaisier, and I’m an Assistant Curator/ Tour Guide at the museum this summer. I am nineteen and live in Oak Lake. I’m in my first year at the University of Manitoba. I enjoy reading, and try to read every day. Some of my favourite topics to read about are mythology and fantasy. I also enjoy listening to music, and doing art in multiple mediums, such as drawing and painting. I find history interesting, particularly ancient history, which is why I want to do archeology in the future. Local history is cool to learn about, as it helps to paint a picture about where modern day came from and how people used to live.


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