Super Thrifty pharmacy serving from historic roots

Virden’s Super Thrifty Pharmacy, under local ownership and management, provides many health-related services people may not know about.

Super Thrifty is a chain of pharmacies that originated in Brandon. The Virden store is serving the town and area as its predecessor Higginbotham’s Drug Store did for over 100 years. Higginbotham’s had several generations of family pharmacists practicing in the town going all the way back to 1888.

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In May 1983, Super Thrifty bought Higginbotham’s Drug Store. In October 1990, the store moved to its present location. Barry Brydon was pharmacist/manager/owner from 1983 until 2011.

Pharmacist Mike Anderson became partner/manager/owner in 2011.

Other pharmacists on staff include: Kelsey Wright, Kjarna Jamieson, Alexis Teetaert, and Haley Foxton. Tracy Lelond-Young began in 2018 and is currently covering a maternity leave in Hamiota Super Thrifty, but will be back to Virden in the spring of 2021.

Super Thrifty pharmacists are trained in medicinal chemistry and understand how drugs interact with each other and how they work in your body. They are also authorized to administer drugs and vaccinations.

Did you know that having old or unused medications around your house can lead to an increase in medication errors? Drop off any outdated or unused medications at Super Thrifty and staff will dispose of them properly and at no cost to you

Blood pressure testing is available at Super Thrifty, and, PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal allows you to access all of your Smart Card readings online. It is easy to use, and is 100 per cent confidential.

Another service offered is compression therapy fitting and ordering.

A comprehensive medication review (CMR) is another service that goes well beyond the advice that your pharmacist usually gives when you pick up a new prescription.

At a CMR appointment, you and your pharmacist discuss your medication related issues in a relaxed manner so that both can gain a better understanding of the problem and the solution. Medication related issues can range from specific side effects, to a generally feeling that you take too many medications. Your pharmacist will identify medications that may no longer be needed, may be dosed inappropriately, or may be counteracting other medications.

The pharmacist can resolve these issues with your physician, saving you money and improving your health in the process.

Along with health-related supports, Super Thrifty has a complete stock of a personal care items and it’s a pleasure to browse for items such as cards, gifts, clothing and jewelry.

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