Thanks Living

It's the season of Thanksgiving. We observe it because many years ago the "Pilgrim Fathers" paused amid their struggle for survival in the new world, and gave thanks to God for food to eat, a place to live, and the new freedom that they were experiencing. They even invited the native people of the new land to join with them in the festivities.


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In our time, the situation is considerably different. One thing remains, however. We, too, have much for which to be grateful. Our problem, though, is that we take so much for granted, as if what we have to enjoy is ours by right.

I recall an interesting story in the New Testament. Jesus met 10 lepers, who, in the agony of their need, cried out for healing. Jesus complied with their wishes, and the 10 hurried off to be cleared by the medical authorities, the priests. One, however, returned and said, "Thank You" to Jesus, who replied, "Where are the other nine?"

Obviously, gratitude is something expected in us, by God. And the best way to show gratitude? The best way is to do something very real and concrete for someone else.

Doing this, is Thanks Living!

I would like to say on behalf of the people of Reston, we are so grateful for what you are doing for us and the surrounding area. It is very much appreciated.

We have begun opening our Church once more. We need to be conscious of COVID-19, so we aren't singing, we are social distancing, and we wear masks at our own discretion. Service is at 11:30 a.m.

Thank You!  May God bless you.

Marianne Olfrey DLM, for Reston/Pipestone United Church Pastoral Charge

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