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Rhythm of War by Branden Sanderson. After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage, and the threat of a betrayal by Dalinar's crafty ally Taravangian looms over every strategic move. Now, as new technological discoveries by Navani Kholin's scholars begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals, and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength. The fourth book in The Stormlight Archive series.

7 ½ Lessons About the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett. Have you ever wondered why you have a brain? Let renowned neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett demystify that big gray blob between your ears. You’ll learn where brains came from, how they’re structured (and why it matters), and how yours works in tandem with other brains to create everything you experience.

Young Adult Non-Fiction
The Black Friend: On Being a Better White Person by Frederick Joseph. For Frederick Joesph, life as a transfer student to a largely white high school was full of wince-worthy moments that he often simply let go. As he grew older, he saw these as missed opportunities not only to stand up for himself but to spread awareness to those white people who didn’t see the negative impact they were having. This book serves as a conversation starter, tool kit and invaluable window into the life of a former “token Black kid” who now offers himself as the friend many readers need.


Junior Fiction
The Ickabog by J. K. Rowling. The Ickabog is coming... A mythical monster, a kingdom in peril, an adventure that will test two children's bravery to the limit. Discover a brilliantly original fairy tale about the power of hope and friendship to triumph against all odds.

New books as well from: Robert Harris, David Baldacci, Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Mary Jayne Blackmore and Peter Mansbridge.

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