The original Miniota Hall is coming down

The original Miniota Hall, built over 113 years ago, is being taken down. In it’s day, the hall had theatre features – a stage, backstage and a drop curtain.

Last week, a demolition crew started to take the old building apart, piece by piece, in order to safely remove and dispose of dangerous materials.

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In recent history, Miniota saw the need for both a new skating rink and a hockey rink and built a recreation complex.

The hall was also deteriorating and in 1999 - 2000, a larger new hall to accommodate community functions was built onto the west end of that rink complex.

Hall history from Bridging the Years 1879 – 1967

A fine new hall replaced Gautier’s livery barn on the corner of Stewart Ave. and 3rd St.

Harry Turner, in 1906, built and owned Turner’s Hall, later called the Miniota Hall, and at the present time the Community Centre. This hall filled a very real need in the rapidly growing village.

Rev. Thomas, the Anglican minister, was offered the first use of the new structure for the presentation of a Grand Concert.

A housewarming ball was given by Mr. and Mrs. Turner in December of that year. Wishing to make this an up-to-date Opera House, a stage was built and wings erected. The famous drop curtain, of which mention is still made, was painted and hung by R. Purvis. Ten feet were added to the south of the hall, making possible extra stage room and dressing rooms.

At a bachelor’s ball soon after its opening, dancing continued until 5 a.m.

In 1920 the hall was purchased by Messers Hodnett and Spalding from Mrs. A. Turner. It was sold in 1946 to the Community Centre.

Many improvements have been made from time to time. Velour drapes replaced the old drop curtain; a hardwood floor was laid and kitchen facilities made available.

Through the years this central meeting place has been the scene of many gatherings – showers, farewells, dances, concerts, meetings and banquets have all been held here.



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