The Right Stuff

Facing unprecedented challenges today, it is comforting to know the One who is unchanging in all He does and requires of us.


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It was 1959. A new breed of men was required. They would be ambitious; patriotic; idolized by the public; heralded by the media. Behind this image, there were fears, frustrations, conflicts, disappointments, and pressures. This was the story of the special few at the very top, whose achievements inspired a nation and captured the imagination of the world. Known as America’s Mercury astronauts, these seven men would risk their lives in a hurtling piece of machinery to cross the threshold of space. It was said that these were the men who had the right stuff.

In what areas of life would you qualify as one who has ‘the right stuff’, or be categorized as ‘the special few at the very top’? News flash! No need to dream about this! You may have this for ALL of life.

Everyone can obtain this status. Jesus achieved this and grants it to us.

Philippians 4:8 said, Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is RIGHT . . . think about such things. Whatever is right means right or innocent in the eyes of God. God has placed Christians in this category of having the right stuff, not because of themselves, but because of their faith in Jesus, His chosen One.

Jesus’ death on the cross was for the full payment of the debt we owed because of our wrongs. Faith is the hand one uses to accept what He did.

Faith is hearing and then acting upon what was heard.

Faith in Jesus acts: by admitting that your wrongs acquired a great debt; by deciding to turn from all things that led you away from the Father; by declaring who Jesus is and the changes you will make because of this; by being baptized with Him—signifying your acceptance of His death, burial, and resurrection; by accepting that your wrongs no longer hang over you—you are pardoned to live free from shackles and shame; and by accepting transformation by His Holy Spirit.

Faith in Jesus makes you one who has the right stuff!

By Dr. Simeon Norton, Pastor of Virden Alliance Church

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