There's a new reporter in Reston

Sherry Kendrick is going to serve on a freelance basis as the eyes and ears of Reston, to help provide up-to-date news for the Empire-Advance (VEA) in the days ahead. Previously, Kendrick had helped Dolores Caldwell and the Recorder by providing photos and news that came her way, so she was happy to receive the invitation to continue working with community news on behalf of VEA.

“I love taking pictures of nature and our beautiful country,” says Kendrick, adding, “We have so much to learn about this world and what it has to offer.”

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The family moved to Reston just three years ago. “I moved here from Alberta with my husband, Ron, who is originally from here,” she told VEA, adding that she is enjoying getting know the community.

Her role as a parent shapes her life and she says, “Our goal is to teach our kids to garden and be self-sufficient. My belief is, we can change the world but it starts with our kids!”

VEA encourages people in the Reston community to let Sherry know about events and news items. Reach Sherry by phone: 204-877-3296 or email

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