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Gardening books at the library


The library has reopened with some adjustments for the time being. We are here Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5:30pm. Please use social distancing. Members will be able to browse the book shelves on their own again, though we ask that if you decide you don’t want a book that you looked at, please bring it to the front rather than re-shelving it. Thank you.

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With the popularity of people wanting to grow their own food this year, we thought we would highlight some of the gardening books we have available at the library. These are just a few of the many we have for you to look at.

Field Guide to Urban Gardening by Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening. How to grow plants no matter where you live: Balconies and rooftops, raised beds, vertical gardening, indoor edibles, hydroponics. If you think it’s impossible to grow your own food because you don’t have a large yard or you live in town, think again. There is a plethora of options to create beautiful, productive edible gardens no matter where you live.

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens by Andrea Bellamy. Growing great edibles in containers, raised beds and small plots. Grow your own delicious food in any space – no matter how small. Learn how to plan and build your garden, as well as how to sow, grow and harvest an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables all season long.

The Big Book of Gardening Skills by the Editors of Garden Way Publishing. Learn all the gardening know-how you’ll need, from the basics and plant selection, to pest and disease and equipment guides. Organized topically with illustrations and charts.

Garden Folklore that Works by Charlie Ryrie. Hundreds of practical, tried and tested gardening tips collected through the ages and across cultures to bring you techniques that really work.

Creating the Prairie Xeriscape by Sara Williams. Free yourself from much of the repetitive maintenance of conventional landscaping – weeding, watering and mowing – and save water by creating your own prairie xeriscape! Xeriscaping is an environmentally friendly approach to your yard that will save you time and money.

Good luck breaking in your green thumb!

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