Tim Hortons Virden - newest design

During renovations, Tim Hortons drive-through stopped serving for just one week, the inside service closed for nearly three weeks. With a sleek new look outside customers are also treated to some beautiful bright colours and new seating within.


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“Franchisees are required to complete a renovation of their restaurants every ten years, or earlier if they choose,” explains owner Greg Crisanti.

The restaurant was back to full service last week.

“The Virden location is now displaying the newest design and most current look of the Tim Hortons brand. With a refresh to our exterior, the interior of the restaurant is where the biggest transformation has taken place.”

The entire storefront area including the public washrooms are brand new including tiles, ceilings, wall colours, counters etc.  

Other upgrades and new features include LED lighting, charging ports for guests’ cell phones/laptops, comfortable seating and a new eight- person community table. Upgrades in the kitchen include two state-of-the-art ovens.

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