Tourism astride horses

Ken Drake and his quarter horse Jackson are preparing to do some serious riding, many miles from home.

Drake and his partner Aude Pingard are planning a trip to ride in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

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“Aude and I hope to go for two weeks with saddle horses and pack horses, and make a four or five-day trip. And then, when our friends join us we’ll just do day trips with the four saddle horses.”

This is their first riding trip to the USA, taking their own horses; Drake and Pingard have enjoyed tourism on horseback many times.

“We’ve been riding in the mountains of BC and we often go in Manitoba, especially to Riding Mountain Park. The back country camps usually have corrals for horses as well, and fire pits. Hardly anybody uses them. We ride for five or six hours.”

Drake says that with pack horses it’s easy to move camping/cooking equipment.

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