UPDATE: Miniota, Hamiota fire departments fight flames fanned by 50 km winds

Two fire departments quenched the fire that started accidentally, near Crandall. It roared across stubble and through sloughs on Tuesday, May 18. Billows of white smoke could be seen from the town of Hamiota.

The fire started around noon, at a location about two miles (5 kms) north of Hwy 24 on the west edge of the RM of Hamiota. Like a hungry red monster it spread northward on a strong south wind. Worried onlookers  were alarmed when the blaze crossed a broad gravel road, PR469. 

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Several farmers with tillage equipment were working furiously to cut a path in front of the large fire.

Hamiota Fire Department answered the call. Miniota Fire Department was also on the scene in the early afternoon with grass fire equipment, as the fire continued north to threaten a home and yard in its path.

Neighbouring farmers said the fire started accidentally from a yard lawnmower in a yard.

At this writing the Miniota Fire Department's work is over. Hamiota Fire Department is mopping up remaining hot spots at 6 p.m.


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