Valleyview Co-op continues to expand with plans for new C Store

Valleyview Co-op is making plans to build a new convenience store in downtown Virden with space for an adjoining liquor store.

The project was discussed at last week’s regular Virden Town Council meeting. A Winnipeg architect working on the project was on hand to answer questions about a variation the co-op was seeking from council.

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Tat-Liang Cheam of Nejmark Architect shared the co-op’s plans to demolish the existing 1,530 sq. foot store at the corner of Seventh Ave. and King St. and build a new one more than twice its size.

He told council that Manitoba Liquor will be “an adjacent tenant” at the site and the gas bar will continue to be part of the business.

Valleyview Co-op General Manager Dave Wowk declined to give any further details about the development, saying “There will be a full press release once all details have been finalized and I can talk about it publicly.”

Meanwhile, the bylaw variation request would see the current 20-foot setback between underground fuel tanks and driving lanes reduced to a zero setback for this project.

Town planner Cory Nixon told councillors that residents in the area had been contacted about the variation request and had no objections. Council approved the variation.


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