VCI Choir sings 2019 Final Concert


On Tuesday, June 11, the AUD Theatre will host the final concert for the VCI Choir 2018-2019. This annual tradition displays the choir’s work and sends the Grade 12 students off in style. It is always incredibly special.

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This year’s concert will feature a wide variety of music that the students have enjoyed studying throughout the entire school year. The choir will also be reviving their exciting Broadway medleys from the new Broadway sensationHamilton and the classic Guys and Dolls, complete with costumes and choreography.

Virden Collegiate’s Sound Investment is a highly motivated ensemble from the choral program, and they will perform some brand new selections they’ve added to their repertoire - the contemporary sacred work “Let Me Walk With You”, a musical theatre piece from Broadway’s Frozen, and a brand new choral composition by the band Coldplay.

There will be awards presentations from the Virden Music & Arts Festival and much more. We are extremely proud of our Virden Collegiate Choral program. Come celebrate with us on June 11, 7:30 p.m.

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