Virden area PCH residents vaccinated

With the vaccines, Manitobans are on a path to protect our community elders from COVID-19, and perhaps take some of the pressure off the staff in care homes. Virden, Reston, Elkhorn and Hamiota Personal Care Home (PCH) residents have been receiving their first dose of COVID-19 immunizations this week, Jan. 25 – 29.

A spokesperson for Prairie Mountain Health advises that the Moderna vaccines continue to be administered within PCHs for the remainder of this week, so that all eligible personal care home residents who have consented receive the immunization.

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Residents who may have symptoms on the day the team is in the site to vaccinate do not receive their vaccination, but may obtain the first dose when the team returns for the second dose in February.

To date, the vaccination rate at each of the PCHs has been between 81 to 100 per cent.

Virden’s West-Man and the Reston PCH residents received their immunizations Jan 25. Sherwood and Elkhorn PCH residents were vaccinated Wednesday, Jan. 27 and residents of Hamiota PCH on Jan. 29.

The health region plans to begin administering the second dose of the Moderna vaccine to PCH residents beginning Feb. 12, and will continue until all regional PCHs are completed by the end of February.

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