Virden Collegiate Philanthropy Club grows its nest egg

Only in its second year, Virden Collegiate’s Philanthropy Club already has about $10,000 to its name. The group of eight students and staff advisors is headed up by Grade 12 student Brandon Martens. The Club uses its funds to support worthy projects both on and off campus that help youth, especially students.

Earlier this month, Martens turned over a cheque for more than $5,000 to the Virden Area Foundation where it will be managed and kept in perpetuity, the interest granted to projects approved by the Club.

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The seed money deposited into that account comes from fundraising, a grant from the Thomas Sill Foundation, and $2,490 from the family and friends of Daniel Brick, a young VCI teacher who recently passed away. In lieu of flowers, the family asked for memorial donations to the Philanthropy Club. 

About the fund, Martens says, “It feels good knowing it will help a lot more youth, and will be there forever - always helping. Because we only give out the interest.”

The Philanthropy Club is accepting grant applications until the end of March, 2019, for grants to be awarded in June. Information and application forms are available on the VCI website.

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