Virden event planner makes celebrations special

Linda Somerville decided to pursue something that she enjoys to employ her talent in a part-time business that has grown and provided elegant settings for many Virden and area events.

In 2012 Somerville Weddings & Events took root when she purchased Amanda Draper’s Calshea Weddings & Events.

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Somerville explained, “I have always enjoyed decorating. I love helping people bring the vision of their wedding or event to life.”

It has proven to be a good move. She says, “Since then the inventory has grown greatly and we now offer many different options for rental or decorating.”

With ornate drapings the decorator has transformed halls, even a horse arena, into an elegant reception room.

For weddings, Somerville says she is usually contacted by the bride-to-be as soon as they decide on a venue and caterer.

Somerville’s service provides everything from chairs, ceiling draping, backdrops, linens, and ornamentation that you might imagine that are needed, although she doesn’t mind when the bride-to-be decides to put her own touch on the wedding with centrepieces or accent decor.

As for the drapery ceilings and such, she says, “I couldn’t do it without the help of my husband,” she tells with a laugh, adding that her husband Curt doesn’t think of himself as a decorator. Linda also gets a lot of help from family and friends who work hard to bring together the décor to her standard. “They all know I can be particular but we joke about it and have a lot of fun too”.

The beautiful work of Somerville Weddings & Events can be seen in some of the local yearly events such as the Sweetheart Ball.

As well as doing the full set-up Somerville rents out the pieces (chairs, linens, etc.) so people can set up their own event.

In terms of decor trends, Somerville has seen the full-on rustic look give way to some classic and ornate elements. “People are into more antique, ornate looks now… I think they like the idea of lace and a little bit of rustic.”

Often a client may not know what they want and its Somerville’s job to help with that. “The biggest challenge,” she says “is narrowing it down to what they actually do like. Sometimes that means making up mock-tables… changing it up a little bit until they see it physically.”

She is modest about her role in making an event the memorable success that it should be. She says, “I always tell brides not to get too caught up in the little details. Décor is important to the feel of an event but the small details are not usually the top thing that people remember from a wedding.”

However, there’s a lot that goes into creating the ordered elegance that Somerville and her crew bring to every venue she prepares. It gives her satisfaction “seeing a bride that is happy with how it turns out.”

Event decorating is a part-time business for her. Connor, their growing four-year-old, is front and centre in the Somerville’s lives and Linda also works a nine-five job that is very important to her.


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