Virden Legion flag half-mast for Vimy

Today, April 9, Kelvon Smith had a duty to perform, being nudged by another Legion member, telling him the Canadian flag should fly at half-mast in Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  And so RCL Branch No.8 is flying its flag low today.


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The Battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France was a key battle to WW I. It began 102 years ago at 5:30 a.m. on April 9, 1917, with the first wave of around 15,000 men advancing under the creeping barrage of almost 1000 heavy guns.

According to there was sleet, mud and shellfire as the soldiers of the Canadian Corps fought their way up the ridge to take the high ground overlooking the Douai plain.

By April 12, the Canadians had taken all of their objectives, as well as 4,000 prisoners. The Canadians held Vimy Ridge. This victory came at a high cost as 3,598 Canadians lost their lives, and 7,000 were wounded during the four-day battle. April 9, 1917 is still the bloodiest day in Canadian military history.


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