Virden Triathlete has opportunity for world competition

A Q & A with Virden athlete


Virden’s Calan Hay, manager of NRG Signs Inc. is also triathlete who has a decision to make – will he step up to world competition?

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Hay has excelled at the sport that incorporates swimming, biking and running into one gigantic race. A recent competition, Aug. 18, in the Riding Mountain Triathlon is a significant milestone.

Hay finished that race with a time that put him second in line for the World Triathlon in Lausanne, Switzerland, within his age classification.

We had questions for Hay:

Was this your first triathlon?

This is my first year doing triathlon. The Riding Mountain Triathlon was my third race this year. I also competed in St. Malo (south of Winnipeg) in June and Kenora, Ont. in July.

How long were the races?

The Kenora and Clear Lake events were Olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run) and the St. Malo race was a Sprint distance (750M swim, 20km bike, 5km run).

Some people enter as a team. Were you part of a team?

No team mates. Just me. 

When did you begin in this competitive triple discipline?

I’ve been thinking about doing it for the last year or so. I started training in April of this year.

What motivated you?

It’s good to set new goals and challenge yourself. I was feeling a little stagnant just doing my daily gym routine and decided I need to change things up. I have found that I’m either going to be fit or fat. I’ve been both in the past. Both pose their challenges but I’ve found that the work you have to put in to be fit is worth it. It’s going to be a life-long journey so I may as well keep it interesting.

How did the Riding Mountain (Clear Lake) event turn out?

I finished in 2 hours 32 minutes. There are two ways to gauge results, overall and by age group. I finished 26th overall out of 124. And second in my age group. This race was a qualifier for Worlds.

Wow, what does this mean for you, Calan?

You had to place first in your age group for the chance to race in Switzerland next year. Since the first place finisher in my age group can’t go, I have the option to take the spot, (which I am still undecided on).

In the 30 – 34 age-group, are you prepared to take on 2019 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Lausanne?

Yeah, it’s kind of weird having that opportunity after only three races. I still have a lot to learn and improve on.

Do you have a coach?

I am part of the A&L Triathlon Club in Brandon. That is where I get some guidance and training, but for the most part I am training on my own.

How did you feel in that triple race?

Actually everything felt pretty good. I went out a little too hard on the bike, for the hilly terrain, so my legs felt it a little more on my run than usual, which in turn added on a few more minutes to my time. But everything came together great.

Was there a high point for you?

The whole day was great. Hard to pick out anything specifically. I was pleasantly surprised on my placing. I expected to be in the middle of the pack. 

Clear Lake is a beautiful setting. Was it a nice day?

The day was perfect. Water was warm. No wind. Sun was shining.

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