Visitation units have arrived in Virden

On Friday, Oct. 30, a visitation pod is being installed at Sherwood Home. At West-Man’s personal care home, a similar installation appears (from the outside) almost ready for use.

These are to become all-season, outdoor visiting rooms. Joined to the care homes, residents enter the visiting shelter directly. Meanwhile, their visitors come in through a separate outdoor entrance and never have to go into the care home.

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Manitoba Health Minister Cameron Friesen acknowledged that while care home residents are at risk of from COVID-19, visits with loved ones are essential. The Province planned to have these visiting rooms available by Nov. 1, Ken Oberlin director for the Sherwood Home told the Empire-Advance several weeks ago.

Frigid fall temperatures brought an end to outdoor visits and with COVID-19 case numbers climbing not diminishing, these modular, easily cleaned, separate visiting rooms can’t come any too soon.

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