Wallace-Woodworth Council sworn in

Deputy Reeve Val Caldwell

New Reeve Clayton Canart called Council to order for the inaugural meeting of the RM of Wallace-Woodworth, Tuesday morning, Oct. 30.

The reeve and all six councillors took the Oath of Office.

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In introductory remarks Canart said, “My goal is to be a leader you can trust, respect and be comfortable asking any questions you may have. I don’t expect us to always agree at this table. In fact, I really don’t want us to.” He added that good discussions are important to produce the best decisions.

Canart finished, “The biggest thing I learned from my time on council is to have an open mind.”

Deputy Reeve

Before Council named a deputy reeve, Canart indicated a choice from Ward 1 would bring balance. “It’s a big geographic area. It’s nice to have equal representation from both sides of the river, from both wards.” He added, “When you are out and about, travelling the municipality, it’s a very large area.”

From Ward 1, Val Caldwell of the Kenton area was the sole nominee.

Caldwell responded, “I will do it for the first year, but we do this every year.”

Rea Kinnaird was appointed Finance Chair.

Both positions were established by a resolution in council, unanimously approved.

Municipal staff provided a training session for councillors in the use of their IPads, a paperless system for agendas, minutes and the vast flow of information councillors receive for every meeting.

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