Wallace-Woodworth seeks community vision

“Wallace-Woodworth Wants to Know…”  is a new project that give will give the residents of the RM of Wallace-Woodworth an opportunity to envision how their community could look in 2040.


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The working committee for this project includes Economic Development Officer Tiffany Cameron, along with Reeve Clayton Canart and Councillor Val Caldwell. Cameron will complete the project for the municipality.

She says, “Our guiding question is, ‘what needs to be preserved, created, or changed to make the community a desirable place to live in the future?’ We want to interview residents to hear their stories about living, working and volunteering in the community.”

“We are hoping to get people talking and spread a little positivity,” Clayton Canart

At the end of November, fliers are to be mailed to residents asking for input and providing a framework to brainstorm about possible future development.

The aim is to include everyone regardless of age, ability, or past community involvement and the committee has thought up unique ways to encourage input.

Reeve Canart says, “We want to start conversations amongst residents about what they love about their community. To accomplish this, we created the Phone-a-Friend Survey. We are asking residents to pour a cup of coffee and dial up a friend, relative or community newcomer to go through our questions.”

It's an opportunity for people to discuss what they enjoy most about their town and what they want to see in the future says Canart. “We are hoping to get people talking and spread a little positivity.”

People can also participate in this project by sending a picture of one thing they love and one thing that needs improving. Students and artists are being asked to create a poster, mock-up a newspaper from 2040 or write an essay. “Art is a way to inspire the community to build an exciting future,” added Canart.

There will be a series of virtual focus groups discussing the topics of planning and organizing for the future of Kola, Elkhorn, and Kenton on Dec. 8-10. A second visioning series will run in the New Year, on Jan. 5-7.

There’s also a plan to interview various community builders and champions via video conferencing.

“We want to hear and record stories of our communities. We want to listen to people’s experience, and gather lessons learned, to build better stronger communities in the future.”

Feedback from the project will be used to identify community priorities, what needs to be preserved, created, or changed to make the community a great place in the future.

Input will be used in the development of an online community workshop in February 2021.

Participants can find out more information and register for focus groups and on the RM website: www.wallace-woodworth.com

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