Want to make your money grow?

Then give it away this Saturday!

Do you know any banks or credit unions that pay 40 per cent interest on deposits? Probably not.

But on Saturday, Nov. 17, that’s the deal being offered by the Virden Area Foundation (VAF) during the 24-Hour Giving Challenge.

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On that one day only, your gift to the Foundation (and others across the province) will be stretched to $7 for every $5 you give. A gift of $100 becomes $140, and so on.

Your donation grows in value on Saturday because the Winnipeg Foundation and the Province of Manitoba are each topping up every $5 given by one dollar. It’s their way of encouraging would-be donors to be as generous as possible.

Foundation manager Teresa Makarchuk says, “It’s such an opportunity for the foundation to get extra money…. and it all goes back into our community. It doesn’t leave here.”

The ambitious goal set by the VAF for this year’s 24-hour challenge is $10,000.

How to participate

Makarchuk says people can donate online at endowmanitoba.ca or they can give cheques, which must be dated Nov. 17 to qualify for the stretch funding.

Donations can be given to any member of the VAF board or Makarchuk between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday.

All money given becomes part of the Foundation’s capital fund, from which the interest is taken and granted to local community projects every year.

“Everybody has something near and dear to their hearts, a project they want to see succeed, and the people behind it can apply for this Virden Area Foundation funding.”


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