What is a dog’s purpose?

Connecting the Dots

Well, it was one of the most heart-warming movies I have seen. And of course, making it extra special to me, A Dog’s Purposewas a Virden movie, released in 2017.

The smiling face of former mayor Jeff McConnel pops into my mind when I think of this show. He was in the movie as were a number of local people, with drive-bys and extra parts. And of course, Seventh Ave. was retro-fitted. What fun!

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Just now, A Dog’s Purpose and the message the movie left me with - dogs playing a mysterious role in touching people’s lives - has come back to me.

I recently laid my own old friend to rest. Rebel was the sweetest Basset Hound – yes, he was the sweetest dog imaginable. Truly without guile. But then, that’s how a good dog is. You may know one too.

This week in Virden, a dog’s purpose came to life once more as, still grieving the loss of Rebel (who was anything but a rebel), I came upon a dog that led me to speak to its owner. And that opened a story I didn’t expect. Her huge dog was a service dog, helping his person who suffered with anxiety and PTSD. We talked and I realized, she had a few things that would make anyone anxious.

It was one of those “meant to be” meetings. She was on a journey to a western city to help a loved one. I think I helped her, just a tiny bit, on that journey.

Not an hour later, a cute Holstein stamped little dog, born and raised in the Kola/Elkhorn area came into our lives for a brief few minutes.

Missy belonged to acquaintances. People that we hadn’t seen for some time. It was timely to speak to them but we never would have, except that Missy was hard to miss. She was cute enough to illicit a ‘hello’ to her people.

So, while I’m at it, I want to give a shout out to Jeff and all the crew who made filming of A Dog’s Purpose possible in the town of Virden. (I haven’t seen the 2019 sequel, but I think I will.)

I also want to pay tribute to our pets of every species who are so dependent upon us but can bring balance to our lives. And especially to Rebel, who fulfilled his purpose.


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