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Canadian newspapers face a huge challenge or two these days, but there’s a ray of hope, says News Media Canada, a representative of hundreds of trusted newspapers throughout our provinces and territories.


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From the inception of newspapers in Canada, the best journalism, local content, has been supported and sustained by advertising revenues. However, a monster has grown up between the rows of cultivated local newspapers and digital media outlets. Local news outlets strive to be your platform, carry your stories and local advertising, yet anti-competitive practices of web giants Facebook and Google tend to block the sunlight and suck up the nutrients.

We’re happy to see that News Media Canada has, along with group efforts in other countries, taken a stand. More on that in the days to come.

This week, we hope you enjoy this paper, bringing you stories about a Reston blogger who is making available the history of the region; the work of local councils and community development; a Manitoba based focus on financial matters and of course stories of keen athletes continue, despite COVID-19.

The RCMP found stolen property last week. This week, investigations continue in many cases, but it also appears that people lean on our uniformed officers in other ways. Their arrival on the scene de-escalates strife.

A key piece we share this week is in our ongoing series about mental health. It reflects on the inhibiting effect of COVID-19 that people are experiencing. Although our sources spoke in confidence, they are real people, working in the public, and in some cases relating family pressures. The article concludes with a discussion of coping tools and available resources.

COVID-19 health orders have created a strain as law-abiding citizens and even local officials try to stay current with the changing ‘stay safe’ orders. What’s an order vs what’s a guiding principle? In some cases, these are different. We’re told to stay home, but we can visit, two of us … if we must. Is a sense of guilt an issue at this time?

People have expressed concern about doing things right and there’s a need to be seen to be doing it right. Where neighbours have cultivated camaraderie over the years, a Tip Line to report COVID infractions is not, off the top, neighbourly. Is it necessary? Well, that’s the paradox these days isn’t it? It’s to protect.

It saddens our hearts to not be able to handshake, hug or meet face-to-face, even for coffee. And most of all, while a year is perhaps one-sixtieth of some people’s lifetime, it may be one-sixths of a child’s life to date. So, we want to bring these issues into the open, discuss them and even provide some resources for people.

You're not alone! We think these local perspectives are important for the community. The news you need, local advertising and local people are more important than ever these days.


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