Williams re-appointed deputy mayor

Town of Virden Council report

During this week’s virtual meeting, Town of Virden Council organized itself for the coming year. Coun. Tina Williams will continue in her current role of Deputy Mayor. Appointments to municipal and quasi-municipal boards and committees will remain largely the same, except for the Dennis County Development Corporation. Williams and Mayor Murray Wright will now be the Town’s representatives to that organization. 


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Council authorized the placement of a new four-way stop at the intersection of Queen Street East and Second Avenue. The action was taken in response to concerns from area residents regarding vehicles travelling in the area at a high rate of speed. Deputy Mayor Tina Williams said that the addition of a second four-way stop at First Avenue would be considered if the objective is not achieved. “We decided to do it because of a letter from residents, so I would say we put in the first one and if we hear from the residents again saying it hasn’t helped, then we move on to the second one,” she said.   


Coun. Grant Gardiner was acknowledged as the first to complete the requisite training under the new provincially-mandated Code of Conduct By-Law which came into effect on Nov. 1. Each of his colleagues must take the online course within six months. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Rhonda Stewart stated that she has been familiarizing herself with the requirements of the By-Law, and that the Town Office has been provided with the necessary forms and background information in order to handle complaints from ratepayers should they arise. 


Council discussed an upcoming opportunity to meet virtually with provincial cabinet ministers, including Rochelle Squires, Minister of Municipal Relations. Mayor Murray Wright thought that it would be prudent to request a consultation with Justice Minister Cliff Cullen regarding the reopening of the Virden Court Office, as well as Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen concerning recently introduced legislation establishing province-wide bargaining for teachers. Another suggestion was to try to arrange a session with Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler regarding the Town’s desire to have the speed limit reduced on PR. 257 to the intersection with Highway 83, as well as its request for paving Seventh Avenue and Thomas Drive in conjunction with the resurfacing work announced for King Street in 2021.


An additional $155,000 in expenditures for construction work at the Virden Municipal and Industrial Waste Facility was authorized. The funds are to come from the municipal solid waste and soil facility budget, as well as the claim settlement received from Tervita Corporation. The sum of $56,786, also from the proceeds of the Tervita claim, was set aside for contingencies if required. 


Council approved a proposal from RBC Royal Bank for financing Phase Two of the Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade, to a maximum of $4 million, over a 20-year period at a fixed rate of 2.91%.

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