Wilson enjoys gridiron battles in the trenches

Wyatt Wilson with Westman Wolverines

As a centre on the Westman Wolverines, Lenore’s Wyatt Wilson embraces the often unglamorous job of battling in the trenches to help his team.

“I love playing football on the O-line for the ‘Reens,” the son of Jim and Sherry Wilson said. “I love being big, mean and physical. … O-line is not an individual position, as there are four others on the line, and you are involved in every offensive down.”

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Wilson recently completed his fourth season with the team. He felt it was good as the squad finished third in the competitive four-team Manitoba Major Junior Football League. In regards to his own play, Wilson remarked, “Not too many penalties and no injuries, so that is certainly good.”

He played a key role in the team’s success. Wilson was named a 2018 MMJFL All-Star.

“Wyatt has become one of the true leaders on the team,” head coach Brady Dane said. “He plays a very physical game, and takes every opportunity to impose his will on the player lined up across from him on the line. … But beyond his game day impact, Wyatt is an exemplary teammate, who brings great effort and a positive attitude every single day.”

Wilson, who calls his team’s O-line blocking schemes, tries to help his teammates as much as he can.

“I have consistency and dedication in practices as well as game day. … I think I help other players that are unsure with the plays and clarify what needs to be done,” he said. “I think that I am very approachable for questions from other players.” 

The league provides a place for players 18 to 23 to keep playing football. Wilson now has two years of eligibility remaining. The league’s schedule allows players to work or go to school while playing football. Wilson has been doing some farmhand work but is looking forward to starting his power engineering practicum in the new year.

One aspect he has greatly enjoyed about his time with the Wolverine is the people. Wilson noted that the team’s coaching staff are young ex-players who are providing leadership while learning themselves. He said they bring energy, enthusiasm, and ideas.

“The coaches take every game as if they are going to play themselves and motivate the team,” Wilson said.

As well, Wilson has appreciated his teammates on and off the field.

“We all seem to enjoy ‘being with the boys’ besides playing football,” he said. “We get together outside of football and all have a good time socializing.”


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