Yes, that's my dad!

Fun father characterizations shared by local people

Fathers Day is coming right up. We inherit a lot from our fathers. It is recorded in The Irish Times that U2 singer, Bono, speaking at his father’s funeral said, "Dad had a beautiful tenor voice." No surprise there.

Jim Coutts, author of a book on Pierre Trudeau said that Trudeau "talked, at times, of his father, whom he greatly admired, but who was too busy to understand his son's interests or spend much time with him."

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Stephen Harper’s father, Joseph Harper, was an accountant, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and a student of military history who despised totalitarianism.

But even more interesting are the quotes and thoughts from local people about their dads, grandpas and father-figures:

“There are many events and sayings that still guide me today, and my children, through me, I suppose,” says one responder. His father, a veteran of WW2, “saw much but talked very little of those times.” Here are several of his sayings: “if the government and people won’t support our present military they sure won’t like the one that replaces it”; “Its a dam poor wreck that somebody can’t make money”; “It’s funny how being lucky follows hard work” and lastly “a good horse drinks the least.”

Did your dad have a keen understanding of weather patterns? Of people's motives? Of machines?

"Dad was very particular about how things were done. I used to hate that. Now I thank him."

"Dad was always losing his tools, but he could fix just about anything."

Are some of your best traits linked to your father’s example?

"Dad was generous to others."

"He never liked to hear other people being made fun of or being criticized."

"Dad was a rock for my mother when she took sick."

Some memories apparently stick like glue:

"Dad used to make me furious by laughing at me when I was angry that I couldn't catch my pony, make my dog behave, or collect eggs from a vicious hen."

As a child, did you wish your dad would play catch, kiss you good night and read a bedtime story, take you and your siblings to a movie weekly or for ice cream nightly, and make piles of money so your allowance was beefy?

"Dad was away working a lot. I now realize just how hard he had to work, but I wish we could have had more fun together."

Memorable personality traits:

“Dad was a quiet, reserved man - if he swore, you knew he was mad. He had a thirst for knowledge - reading and watching the news daily and never without a book.”

“Raised as a single child, he became someone who made sure his family was always his first priority.”

"Sunday drives were a favourite. Didn't have a plan, you just got out and drove.”

“My mom’s dad had a thing about nails. He always kept the bent ones. Even now, going through a bucket of nails, when we find a bent one, we know it's Grandpa’s.”

“Dad loved to make new words like creating an expletive out of the name of a 20th century Russian composer - SHOSTAKOVICH!”

We hope these remind you of ways to appreciate someone on Fathers’ Day, June21.

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