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 Princess Lodge 

Ray and Kim Everett, Jacey and Jesse of Brandon, and Donna Everett spent Thanksgiving supper with Ethel Bowles at Princess Lodge.

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Thanksgiving weekend visitors with Janice Simpson were Gordon and Lisa Sheane from Winnipeg, Wayne and Marie Simpson, Aaron Simpson, Wayne and Lori Stuart, Troy Stuart, Catherine, Ben, Logan and Kennedy, Karly, Zane and Derek Hodgins from Virden.

Alisha and Zack Gillies of East St. Paul, Shawn Kozarchuk and Karen Naumiuk of Winnipeg were Thanksgiving visitors with Marge Tapp.

Thanksgiving visitors with Gwen Charney were George and Janice, Krystal and two boys from Winnipeg, Kay Rainka, Shawna and Michele from Winnipeg, grandchildren Braden Gardiner and Brooklynn from Red Deer and Amber from Camrose.

Joyce Heaman accompanied Brian and Sandy Heaman to Elkhorn for Thanksgiving supper on Sunday evening.

Parkissimo Lodge News

On Sept. 30, Dianne Perchaluk visited her mom Dorothy Argue. Thanksgiving Sunday, she enjoyed supper with Danny and Karen, and on Monday had supper with Ollie, Randy and their families.

Linda Clark and Sandra Nash attended the 50th anniversary celebration for David and Sylvia Hanlin in Roblin on Friday.

Kenton News

By Paulette Weins

Ivan and Nora Crampain spent time at the “Sherwood Forest” Campground near Regina, Sask. and while there attended the wedding of their son Jeffrey and Bride-Elect Amy Mathews of Weyburn. The wedding took place in their home yard at Buena Vista, neighboring Regina Beach. We wish congratulations to both of them. A reception following the wedding was in Sherwood Forest. While in the campground, Nora and Ivan visited with Lorne and Cynthia Ellis who make this campground their summer home.

Marvin and I (Paulette) were glad that our niece Cherie and her family from South Africa were home to visit with family and friends. We visited with them in Winnipeg (Cherie’s hometown). We went to celebrate her mother Annabelle’s retirement from teaching school. Cherie had planned a retirement tea for her. We met in Brandon for lunch on Sept. 29. On Sept. 30 they visited CrossRoads Community Church, a sponsor of their missionary work in South Africa through World Vision. Our great niece Emihle was only a few months old when we first met her and now she is 19 months old; we met our great nephew, seven-month-old Thandowethu, for the first time. We had lots of aunt and uncle time with the children and visiting with the adults. As always the time goes by very quickly and they have now returned to South Africa. We can’t wait until they come to Canada again.

Congratulations to all the parents in Kenton and the surrounding area who have been blessed with new additions to their families:

Brin and Mike Thornitt - Fraya Maude; Sadie and Adam Fordyce - Zak; Laurel and Douglas Stevenson - Rowan Alice; Cheryl Lehman and Michael Wright - Kanden David Michael; Kelsey and Kyle Wright - Riley Cameron; Mia and Ryan Carter - Zandy Jack; Michelle Rutledge and Darren Mercer - Grayson; Chad and Kelly Hunter - Stella Marie; Claire and Max Tolton - Owen William Henry; Britta and Scott King - Scarlett Helene; Christian and Kylie Somerville - Carson Murray; Orie Brown and Janet Rankin - Camden James Brown; Great Grandparents Bill and Linda Drake - Elijah William Ginter. Congratulations to all the grandparents, great-grandparents and all the other relatives who welcomed these little ones. 

Get Well Wishes and a Speedy Recovery to Jean Caldwell.

John Roseveare formerly of Kenton and then Hamiota is now residing at The Westman in Virden.

New people who have moved into Kenton are Chris and Carly Wright who live on Railway Avenue beside Michelle Routledge’s trailer.

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