Evergreen Place

 By Helen Martens


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The marvellous month of May is here! Some say, May, more than any other month of the year wants us to feel most alive. I agree. It is a pleasant time, and prepares us for the brightness and warmth of summer. Another one has said, "I'm only wishing to go a'fishing. For this the month of May was made." He's right. May is always when fishing season opens. But that is my past.

Come to think of it, I am to do a report for Evergreen, the place I now call home.

We are still very much in isolation here. But being alone does not mean being unhappy. We can learn to be alone without being lonely. Do you agree?

I have not noticed boredom among residents here. We have learned to be creative in different ways. A quote says, in order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude.

There are some changes here in spite of solitude. We are now allowed one visitor at a time to come visit us.

The hairdresser can start taking appointments this month. Masks will be needed. Talking about masks, the Home Care workers, of which there are quite a few, all come with masks and plastic eye protectors now. Seeing them creates quite an interest.

Every year there is someone who is first in planting a garden. Phyllis Gompf has begun. She has planted a row of gladiola bulbs. She says the ground is still cold.

I am planning to "Grow a Row" in my little garden plot to share with others in Fall. The question comes to mind, what should I plant? Would, my favourite, Jalapeno peppers be okay? Help me out!

Till next week, stay home and keep safe.

Quote for the Day: "We've been blessed with this incredible gift called life. May the hearts of humanity awaken so we can live together in the essence of love, peace and joy."  - Tracy Smith

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