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Evergreen Place By Helen Martens

Things have been quiet here at Evergreen. Except when Chris Leach buzzes back and forth mowing the lawn. We appreciate the work you are doing, Chris. Keep it up. 

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We've been seeing some welcome changes in regard to the pandemic rules. We are now allowed to have some visitors again, after isolation for two and a half months.

I went to Elkhorn to visit my granddaughter Michelle and Jason Nykoliation and family, by invitation. I feel a bit sad about teaching the young children not to hug, especially when they come running to great grandma so eagerly.

Today is June 1. Back in March we would not have imagined still living in isolation today.

June1st is observed globally as World Milk Day, to celebrate important contribution of the dairy sector to economic development, livelihood and nutrition.

It is also the Global Day of Parents.

It is considered good luck to get married in this month. Be that as it may, I say luck depends on many other things than the month the marriage takes place.    

Irene Rowand with her daughter Faye HighEagle motored to Joe Dandy's Drive-In in Oak Lake one

evening for ice cream.

Michael Campbell went for a doctor’s appointment in Brandon on June 1.

We at the Evergreen want to congratulate Chris Leach on his retirement. He finished 30 years of work at the Central Café.

One date to be marked on our calendars this month is June 21. An annular solar eclipse will occur on that day.

In most regions of Manitoba, one in four years has a spring frost during the first week in June. According to the forecast it looks like it may not happen this coming week. And oh yes, the gardens are looking very good so far!

Quote for the Day:

"As long as we have Memories,

Yesterday remains.

As long as we have Hope,

Tomorrow waits,

As long as we have Love

Today is beautiful." - Author Unknown


Miniota By Bev Peel

Miniota’s internet was down last week so the news wasn’t reported on May 29.

Belated sympathy to Marg Taylor of the Sherwood Home in Virden and all her family in the passing of Marg's sister in-law, Charlotte Heapy who passed away in Hamiota hospital May 17. Also, to her husband, Gerald Heapy and extended families.

Congratulations to grandparent's Tracy and Patrick Cousins of Miniota on the birth of Lillian Joyce on May 10, a second daughter for Breanna (Cousins) and Andrew Sieklicki of Brandon; also, to great-grandma Eleanor Cousins and extended families.

Belated get well wishes to Marg Still who under went knee surgery in Brandon on May 20. Hope you will soon be back home.

Sincere sympathy to Faye Tomiski of Birtle and family on the passing of Stan Tomiski on May 20. They had just moved to Birtle last October from Miniota.

Jan Carnegie has sent word that Jean (Douglas) Carnegie, wife of Jim Carnegie has passed away at Kamloops, B.C. Both were formerly of the Arrow River area. Also, Andy Snodgrass, husband of Betty (Carnegie) has passed away at Vancouver where they reside. Our Sincerest Sympathy from the Miniota area to those families.     

May 29, thirty seniors gathered in a car cavalcade with Happy Birthday banners to celebrate three more Miniota people's birthdays. It was a beautiful night with a slight breeze as it had only been six degrees that morning. There were many trees in blossom as we drove around. We started out at Dorthea Amy's, 98 on May 30. She is our oldest citizen and has lived in the Parkissimo Lodge for 20 years, in very good health. Then, on to wish Enid Haines and Murriel Stowe. It was nice to see their surprised faces and all the other faces we haven't seen for some time!

Condolences from the community to the Merle (Stewart) Cole families and to Mervyn Stewart at Hamiota and to his family in her passing on June 1. Merle, formerly of Miniota, was 85 years and was living in Virden’s Westman.

"A smile goes a long way but you have to start it on it's journey."



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