Your Community - a 70th Wedding Anniversary

Sympathy of the community to Maurice (Buzz) and Karen Currie of Winnipeg and Darlene Lazenby of Reston on the passing of their son Chris on Aug. 15. Chris was the grandson of Roy and Mable Currie.

Congratulations to Ed and Hazel Wadham who celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on Sept. 8 with a Come and Go Tea in Miniota Hall followed by a family supper. It was great to see local family as well as Ken and Sue Wadham from PEI and Glen and Maureen Wadham and family from Prince Albert, SK. Wishing many years of health and happiness to you Ed and Hazel. 

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Sympathy of the community to Gary and Emily Poppel, Wayne and Susan Poppel and Mark and Kim Poppel and their families on the passing of their dad Joe Poppel. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15.

A large crowd of firefighters and their families from all over the country packed the memorial in Ottawa’s downtown core. Ten families including the family of James Hargrave received a ceremonial helmet and medal. May we never forget James and always hold his family - Liz, Hudson, Alec, Savannah and Isabelle in our hearts. Edward and Beth Lelond, Nick and Tracy Young, Tom and Kathy Swiston as well as friend Jack, their ranch manager, as well as Walsh Fire Chief Zifflie traveled to Ottawa as well. 

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