Radon gas and lung cancer: the scary truth

Manitoba has higher levels of dangerous gas

The Lung Association encourages radon testing in every home to reduce the impact of radioactive radon gas on the lung health of Manitobans. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.


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“Radon gas exposure and the lung cancer it can cause is preventable. Everyone should test their home for radon gas and take action to reduce the risk of lung cancer in their families,” Said Neil Johnston, President and CEO, The Lung Association, Manitoba


As the recognized leader and primary resource in lung health, The Lung Association's mission is to enable all Manitobans to breathe with ease. Manitoba is known to have higher levels of radon in homes when compared to other regions in Canada. Experts suggest between 10-30 per cent of homes in Winnipeg have unsafe levels of radon.


Radon is a radioactive, colourless and odourless gas and the only way to know the radon level you and your family is being exposed to is to test your home. Winter is an especially good time to test because homes are more sealed for the heating season.


Radon can come into your home through a variety of ways including sump pumps, cracks in foundations, spaces around pipes and unfinished floors. To solve your radon problem, you need an expert to find out where exactly the radon is getting in. A trained contractor with experience in radon mitigation (radon repairs) can examine your home, find where the radon is seeping in, and make the necessary repairs.


With one in five Manitobans already suffering from a lung health issue, The Lung Association strongly recommends testing your home. Easy to use radon test kits can be purchased through an affiliate of The Lung Association, Alpha Tracker (https://alphatracker.ca/?atPartner=mblung). Each kit purchased not only helps keeps you and family safe, but also contributes to the programs and services offered by The Lung Association.

For more information on the Lung Association, Manitoba, visit: http://mb.lung.ca

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