Prairie View Municipality Minutes

A regular meeting was held on June 22. Members in attendance were: Clark, Bertram, Butler, Fulcher, Howard, Oliver, Salmon and Wilson. Staff present were: CAO Collier and Executive Assistant Bonner.

• The Foxwarren Utility incurred a deficit in 2016 in the amount of $7,413.61; the Municipality will submit to the Public Utilities Board for approval to cover the 2016 deficit from Nominal Surplus.

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• The Miniota Utility incurred a deficit in 2016 in the amount of $17,017.47; the Municipality will submit to the Public Utilities Board for approval to cover the 2016 deficit from Nominal Surplus.

• The requests of the Prairie View Fibre Committee of Jun. 19, 2017 committee meeting were approved:
1) To host the Miniota pilot sign up meeting Jul. 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the Miniota Hall.
2) That the pilot project in Miniota be a maximum of 15 people with an installation fee of $250 and three months free internet.  Pilot start date is to be Aug. 1, 2017.
3) That an Expression of Interest be advertised looking for local technical individuals interested in participating by doing installs, repairs, maintenance or support for the PVM Broadband Project.

• Resolution 2017-251 authorized a levy to the Birtle Community Development Corporation was for the wrong amount; Council of Prairie View Municipality authorized the 2017 levy to the Birtle Community Development Corporation in the amount of $46,560.

• Keenan Lewis was hired to fill the vacancy in the Birtle Green Team summer position.

• Mason Desjardin was hired as Birtle Pool Lifeguard and Assistant Swim Instructor.

• Municipality will place cameras to monitor the Birtle Water Supply test drilling site.

• A number of bears have been sighted in the Birtle Community and Birtle Riverside Park; the Natural Resource Department have been contacted to address the problem; the Natural Resource Officers have advised they will supply an additional bear trap for the community and will continue to follow Black Bear Policy; the RM authorized a bear trap to be placed on municipal property where feasible; and will provide public notice of the bears in Birtle to advise public to be on the watch and report any change in the bears' behaviours that identify any form of aggression.

• Council of Prairie View Municipality authorizes two staff members to attend an Accessibility Plan Workshop.

• Municipality authorized the CAO to pay the Prairie Mountain Health Community Contribution Requirement for Health Capital Projects in the amount of $6,501; with the funds to be transferred from the Health Care Reserve.

• Municipality authorized paying the invoice in the amount of $250.05 for signs to be displayed at the Birtle Dog (Pooch) Park.

• Municipality authorized the Reeve and CAO to sign the agreement for funding assistance with the Manitoba Water Service Board to provide 50 percent cost sharing to perform CCTV Wastewater Collection analysis on the Birtle sewer lines.

• Council authorized the CAO to approve the relocation of the Environment Canada hydrometric gauge 05MG001 near Arrow River.

• The RM authorized paying the outstanding invoice with DataLink in the amount of $1,493.10 to complete the Birtle civic addressing layer.

• Council will provide two $250 bursaries in 2017 to students graduating from BCI and entering a post-secondary trade program, if no students are entering a trade, then any post-secondary education will be sufficient to be eligible for the bursaries; the students must reside within the municipality.

• Council approves Policy HR-013 Municipal Cell Phone Policy; being a policy to establish guidelines for the provision and use of cell phones for employees.

• Ian Fouillard was hired for the position of Utility Operator effective Jun. 24, 2017.

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