RM of Wallace-Woodworth Jan. 26, 2021 - Regular Council Meeting - 6:23 PM

Meeting Minutes

Present via Communication Facility: Reeve, Clayton Canart; Councillors: Diana MacDonald, Barb Stambuski, Rea Kinnaird, Denis Lachapelle, Val Caldwell, and Mark Humphries.

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Present in Office: CAO, Garth Mitchell; and ACAO, Iris Vercaigne.

 1.           Call Meeting to Order

Reeve Clayton Canart called the meeting to order at 6:23 p.m.

2.            Additions to Agenda: None

3.            Adoption of Agenda

Resolution No: 21/025: Moved By: Val Caldwell; Seconded By: Denis Lachapelle; THAT the regular Council meeting agenda of January 26, 2021 be approved as presented. Carried

4.            Adoption of Minutes:

4.1          January 12, 2021 Regular Council Meeting: Resolution No: 21/026 Moved By: Mark Humphries; Seconded By: Rea Kinnaird: THAT Meeting held on January 12, 2021. Carried

5.            Business Arising from the Minutes:

CAO, Garth Mitchell updated Council that the backhoe is ready to get delivered. 

6.            Unfinished Business: None

7.            Department Reports

7.1          Transportation: None

7.2          Utility: None

7.3          GIS: None

7.4          By-Law/Animal Control: None

7.5          Weed Control: None

8.            Accounts:

Resolution No: 21/027; Moved By: Rea Kinnaird; Seconded By: Denis Lachapelle; THAT the Council of the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth approves General Cheque Nos. 2002648 to 2100143 in the amount of $1,316,006.89; and Direct Deposits in the amount of $161,903.50 for a total of $1,477,910.39. Carried

 9.           Financial Statement:

CAO, Garth Mitchell shared that December 2020 Financial Statement information is not yet available. Final 2020 year-end numbers are being worked on to be close as possible to year end and 2021 budget.

9.1          December 2020 Bank Reconciliation (Information); Council reviewed the December 2020 Bank Reconciliation.

9.2          2020 Cemetery Bank Reconciliation (Johnston, Breadalbane & Greenwood); Council reviewed the 2020 Cemetery Bank Reconciliation.

9.3          2020 Wallace-Woodworth Reserve Bank Reconciliation (All Accounts); Council reviewed the 2020 Wallace-Woodworth Reserve Bank Reconciliation.

10.          Reception of Delegations: None

11.          Reception of Petitions: None

12.          By-laws:

Council reviewed the Fire Prevention and Emergency Services By-Law and the amended Schedule B reflecting new rates for WDFD and WWFD.

12.1        Fire By-Law No.01-2021

Resolution No: 21/028; Moved By: Val Caldwell; Seconded By: Barb Stambuski: THAT By-Law No. 01-2021 being a By-Law of the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth to provide for fire fighting, fire prevention, the related regulation of fire and other hazards, the adoption of the Code, and for establishing, continuing and operating an emergency service for the Municipality, and to be known as the Fire Prevention and Emergency Services By-Law, be read a FIRST time. Carried

13.          General Business

13.1        Upcoming Meetings: None

13.2        Policies: None

13.3        Ducks Unlimited Wetland Restoration - SW 31-12-23W

Council reviewed the correspondence received from Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) in regards to the work involving the restoration of several partially drained wetlands on SW 31-12-23 W. This property will later on be protected under a Conservation Agreement (easement). Council has no objections to the wetland restoration work. Administration will send a letter to DUC.

13.4        Town of Virden Road Opening By-Law. 2786 - Request for Comments

Council reviewed the Town of Virden By-Law No. 2786 to open a municipal road on the portion of SW 1/4 21-10-26 WPM as shown on the Plan of Survey. Council has no concerns about the road opening. 

13.5        COVID-19

Council reviewed the COVID-19 documents. CAO, Garth Mitchell shared that opening of the R.M. offices on Jan. 25 went well and people are adhering to safety protocols.

13.6        Custom Sanding Service - Discussion

Council discussed the sanding request received from Valleyview Coop in Kenton due to unsafe conditions for the public as a result of the extreme winter conditions experienced recently. The R.M. is not in the custom sanding business and this was just an exceptional situation because the R.M. sander was passing through Woodworth Ave. The sanding process done is to apply product on intersections and about 100 - 200 ft. prior to intersection. The rest of the material will be tracked by the vehicles passing through. Council advised Administration to develop a sanding policy setting R.M. areas as priorities and for custom work rate to be higher than local service providers. Administration will inform Valleyview Coop that this was just under special circumstances and it will be free of charge for this instance only.

13.7        Prairie West Recreation 2021 Budget

Resolution No: 21/029; Moved By: Barb Stambuski; Seconded By: Diana MacDonald: THAT the Council of the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth accepts the Prairie West Recreation Commission 2021 Operating Budget which includes the reduction of 2021 Municipal Contribution by $10,000 for each Municipality and funds are to be borne by the Nominal Surplus from the Recreation Commission.  Carried

13.8        Summer Employment Programs - Green Team/Canada Summer Jobs

Resolution No: 21/030 Moved By: Denis Lachapelle; Seconded By: Diana MacDonald: THAT the Council of the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth authorizes Administration staff to apply up to 6 summer students; AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT all seasonal/student positions be advertised forthwith. Carried

13.9        JR Cousin Consultants Ltd. Invoice; Resolution No: 21/031 Moved By: Barb Stambuski; Seconded By: Rea Kinnaird; THAT the Council of the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth accepts the payment of Invoice No. W-723.04-002 received from JR Cousin Consultants Ltd. in the total amount of $2,343.60 (including applicable taxes) for the progress done up to December 31, 2020 for the Kenton and Hargrave Waste Disposal Grounds Expansion. Carried

13.10     Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corp. - Notice of Intent (SW 33-10-25)

Council reviewed the Notice of Intent to File a Caveat received from Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corp. to execute a Conservation Agreement to protect wildlife habitat on SW 1/4 33-10-25 WPM. Council has no concerns regarding this notice.

13.11     Ward 1 Shop

CAO, Garth Mitchell updated Council that the occupancy permit for the new Kenton shop was issued and Public Works staff moved into the new location. Public Works Superintendent, Kevin Williams is working on minor project deficiencies that the contractor needs to address to complete the project.

13.12     Universal Broadband Fund

CAO, Garth Mitchell shared that requests for letters of support were received from some companies in relation to the Universal Broadband Fund application these private businesses’ plans on submitting. The letters of support are not a sign of financial commitment from the R.M. but a general support to these businesses looking at improving the broadband service in the municipality. Council advised Administration to issue the letters of support.

RF Now will join the Committee Meeting as a delegation on Feb. 2nd to share with Council their expansion plans.

13.13     Woodworth Fire Department Rescue Unit/Hall Renovations (Councilor MacDonald)

Councillor Diana MacDonald shared the Fire Hall sketch on renovations being planned to accommodate the new rescue truck for the Woodworth Fire Department. Renovations include a new roll up door on the north west corner of the hall and explore a separate door access for the Council Chambers. CAO, Garth Mitchell will be doing a site visit with Building Inspector/Development Officer, Cory Nixon and Fire Chief Chris Routledge on Jan. 28th.

14.          Trans Canada West Planning District: None

15.          Communications

15.1        Miscellaneous Correspondence

AMM News Bulletin – January 8, 2021

Border Regional Library – Oct. 19, 2020 Minutes

Border Regional Library – Dec. 14, 2020 Minutes

Climate West News Release

John Fefchak Concerns – Lake Winnipeg

Manitoba Disaster Management Conference

Manitoba Municipal Relation – Disaster Prevention & Climate Resiliency Program

Manitoba Municipal Relations Letter – Bill 37

Manitoba Public Insurance – Loss Ratio Report

Manitoba Government Announces Virtual Engagement For Budget 2021

Province Announces Next Intake For Building Sustainable Communities Grants

Park West School Division – Jan. 15 Regular Board Meeting Summary

Taxservice – 2020 Tax Arrears Recovery & Tax Sale Letter

16.          LUD Committees:

16.1        Kenton LUD: Councillor Diana MacDonald shared with Council details from the January 21, 2021 Kenton LUD meeting. Items discussed were: 2021 Service Plan; Woodworth Senior Services; and the Building Sustainable Communities grant.

16.2        Elkhorn LUD: Councillor Denis Lachapelle shared with Council details from the Jan. 15, 2021 Elkhorn LUD meeting. Items discussed were: 2021 Service Plan; Elkhorn Lagoon; and electronic sign.

17.          Councillor Committee/Delegate Reports

17.1        Councillor Stambuski reported on the Trans Canada West Planning District meeting.

17.2        Councillor Lachapelle reported on the Elkhorn LUD; Virden & Area Handi Van; and Border Regional Library meetings

17.3        Reeve Canart reported on the Trans Canada West Planning District; Wallace District Fire Board; and Minister of Agriculture & Resource Dev't, Blaine Pedersen (new rural service delivery) meetings.

17.4        Councillor Caldwell reported on the Minister of Agriculture & Resource Dev't, Blaine Pedersen (new rural service delivery) meeting.

17.5        Councillor MacDonald reported on the Prairie West Recreation; Kenton LUD; and Woodworth Fire District meetings.

17.6      Councillor Kinnaird reported on the Wallace District Fire Board meeting and Finance Committee.

17.7        Councillor Humphries reported on the Minister of Agriculture & Resource Dev't, Blaine Pedersen (new rural service delivery); Prairie Gateway Tourism; Border Regional Library; and Manitoba Automobile Museum meetings.

18.          CAO/ACAO Reports

19.1        In Camera Resolution No: 21/032 Moved By: Mark Humphries Seconded By: Barb Stambuski: THAT the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth Council enters into an "In Camera" Session at 7:13 p.m. Carried

19.2        In Camera Discussion: 19.2.1       Legal 19.2.2         Labour 19.2.3     Land 19.3             Out of In Camera Resolution No: 21/033

Moved By: Mark Humphries Seconded By: Barb Stambuski: THAT the In-Camera session be adjourned, the time being 8:20 p.m. Carried

20.          Adjournment Resolution No: 21/034 Moved By: Rea Kinnaird Seconded By: Val Caldwell: THAT the meeting be adjourned, the time being 8:21 p.m.


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