Two Borders Special Meeting

The Municipality of Two Borders held a Special Meeting of Council November 5.

In attendance: Reeve McMechan, Deputy Reeve Wickham, Councillors Jones, Renwick, Jackson, Dickson, Clark, Brown, Tucker, Assistant CAO Danielle Stone-Lamontagne and CAO Grace Carr. Absent: Councillor McMechan.

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A special meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m. The special meeting agenda was adopted as presented.

Fire Protection Workshop for elected officials and CAOs was tabled.

The quote of $2,200 plus travel at $.52/kilometre from Way To Go Consulting Inc. for the Deliverables and Scope of Work listed regarding the utility rate study for the Lyleton water utility was approved; the rate study will also investigate an Ag rate for the Lyleton rate study.

Manitoba Crimestoppers requested funding at a rate of $.15 per resident; Council will sponsor Manitoba Crimestoppers with a donation of $176.25

A combined celebrate 150 program application will be submitted through the Town o Melita; the Municipality of Two Borders supports the project and commits to provide its share of $3, 200 toward the project.

The LUD of Pierson (the Pierson Celebrations Committee) has requested to submit a Celebrate 150 application for funding through the Municipality of Two Borders to host a supper and evening event in Pierson; the municipality supports the project; the Pierson Celebrations Committee commits to proved $1,800, its 30 per cent share of project budget.

Council adjourned the special meeting at 2:45 p.m.

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