Quilty loves his community


 Brian Quilty moved to Deloraine 11 years ago after retiring from A 36-year career with Canada Post. He and his partner Linda Sparham moved from Winnipeg in 2008.

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  Brian doesn’t like standing still for too long, so he immediately joined the Deloraine Men’s 2000 Club and shortly after, signed up to deliver Meals-on-Wheels and is still involved with both activities.

  The Town of Deloraine hired Brian and Linda to be caretakers of the community hall for four years. Brian loves the public and he also took on the job of bartender at the curling rink for about three years.

  There always seems to be a struggle to find newspaper delivery people and so Brian and Linda took on delivering the Brandon Sun and Winnipeg Free Press for about six and a half years. Mixed in with this Brian also worked as a dishwasher at The Rendezvous Restaurant one night a week for two years and took on the cleaning job at Mountview Centre for five years. Although these were paid jobs, Brian was mostly doing it to help out his community.

  Speaking of helping out his community, Brian basically helped out where he saw the need. He dealt cards for Texas Hold ’Em poker nights at the Deloraine Legion for a couple of years, was a Southwest Showcase board member for two years, spent a season helping Dale McKinnon coach school baseball, four years as an umpire and has been a Deloraine Golf Club board member for eight years.

  For seven years Brian has been a projectionist at the Deloraine-Winchester Theatre. He is a movie enthusiast and eagerly promotes the movies and the theatre. Two years ago, Brian started delivering groceries for the Boundary Co-op Food Store.

  Brian is one active senior and yet he still finds time for his creative side. He has made name signs that can be seen on many homes in Deloraine. And when he heard that a curling rink had achieved an eight-ender, he had an amazing idea to mark the occasion — he made them each a wooden replica of the eight-ender with rocks and all. A very generous and gracious gesture.

  Wow! That’s quite a resume of activities for 11 years in a community. From the get-go, Brian was truly interested in the community, its people and its history. He is already a wealth of information as he spent many hours visiting with veterans, seniors and all age of community members though the years.

  The community is very fortunate that Brian and Linda chose Deloraine as their new home 11 years ago. They did scour small towns in southwestern Manitoba and they liked what they saw in Deloraine.

“Linda and I chose to move to Deloraine because it was very clean and everyone waved to us the first time we drove through. What we like best about Deloraine is the fact that there is lots of activities to be involved in, and its close to all sorts of outdoor opportunities such as camping, golf, and much more.”

  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do Brian!


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