Southwest Pro-Life AGM

Southwest Pro Life held its annual general meeting on Friday, November 1 in Boissevain. President Mark Crawford gave words of welcome on behalf of the Southwest group. He reminded everyone that meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at the home of Grant and Carol Chambers at 8:00 p.m. and all are welcome. A delicious roast beef supper was enjoyed prior to featured guest speaker Tabitha Ewert  with her presentation “We Need A Law”. Tabitha serves as legal counsel and media spokesperson for We Need a Law. Based on Parliament Hill, she regularly meets with politicians, media and pro-life stakeholders, gives presentations to various groups, and prepares draft laws and policy recommendations reflecting our mission.

  Ewert said her great-grandparents fled the Russian Revolution and came to Canada, so they knew about persecution and the value of every life. She also shared a quote from her grandfather. He said “A person is a person no matter how small.” Ewert’s background naturally set her up to defend people.

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  A book “Our Bodies, Ourselves” came out in the 70’s and it tried to describe what abortion was going to mean. Women began thinking what was best for them, what about their choice? It was the start of women being autonomous.  “We don’t want women to be autonomous or isolated when they are making life decisions. It is important for them to have relationship, not to have a bubble/barrier which further isolates them. It’s bad enough for other health issues but abortion has other layers — a life is at stake. In Canada, we are leaving women alone to make what many have described as the ‘worst decision’ of their lives.”

  Canada is the only democratic country in the world that has no abortion laws. For example, a 31-week fetus was found to be handicapped and at 35 weeks, it was aborted. And there are no legal repercussions. The goal of “We Need A Law” is to help women, not abandon them; to advocate for legislation. “We need a law – for the woman, and for the baby. This won’t happen overnight – it will be a long-game. Our hope is to permeate a culture with small acts of faithfulness. Many Canadians (77%) are not aware that Canada has no abortion laws and over half believe it should be illegal in some cases such as late term and gender selection,” said Ewert.

  It is also the goal that every woman receives the information, support and counselling that she needs – to make sure she is offered real help. The political goal is to introduce a Private Member’s Bill into Parliament. “We know we will have to probably introduce it again and again as the culture starts to change. We have to keep the issue right in front of our MPs.

  “We are working toward justice for preborn children and for women. We must boldly speak up for all life. Hearts and minds are being changed every day,” concluded Ewert.


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